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Activewear & Swimwear

KimActive Pro

Sport & Swimming Hijab

KimAqua Sport Hijab

Ideal for women leading an active lifestyle

Gear up for Joyful journeys

Kimtuniq Bliss

Embrace the thrill of activity while staying comfortable!

Comfortable for performance

Kimyra KimActive

Experience the Ultimate Comfort and Functionality of our Modest Sportswear Collection.

Modest Windbreaker

Kimyra Kimbreaker

Water-resistant windbreaker with modest design


Wear Together, Happy Together

With this new line, we aim to empower parents to instill the value of modesty in their daughters, whether during sports or even while swimming. Our hope is that this collection fosters a sense of confidence and modesty, encouraging young girls to embrace these virtues from an early age.

Gear up for joyful adventure!

✨NEW✨ Kimtuniq Dream!

Our mission is to infuse confidence and grace, nurturing a generation that embodies these virtues from the very start. This collection is a tangible manifestation of our vision for a future where modesty is a powerful force, seamlessly woven into the fabric of young lives.

Alhamdulillah besttt, selesa pakai and kena air pun kejap je kering😍 Best sebab panjang tutup punggung, jadi apa-apa aktiviti pun takdelah rasa janggal sangant🙌🏻🤗
— Faezah wearing Kimyra windbreaker
Windbreaker by kimyra suitable for hiking mount kinabalu
Windbreaker by Kimyra at top of Kinabalu
Love sangatt pakai baju ni. Selesa, lagi best dapat cover part bawah tu dia kembang🫶🏻
— Kimtuniq saiz L, 150 cm 50-55kg
Alhamdulillah baju sangat selesa.. Buat mandi dan mendaki bukit👍🏻
— Nur Jannah wearing Kimbasic
Actually saya ni dah addicted dengan Kimyra dah😂
— Nurul Hidayah

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Perfect Modest Activewear, Swimming suit, Windbreaker & Jersey for Muslimah

Discover the Perfect Modest Activewear, swimwear, gymwear and jersey muslimah clothing for a Stylish and Comfortable activities

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