Kimyra International Sdn Bhd or better known as Kimyra, was established in 2018 by a couple, namely Puan Fatin Umirah (Founder) and Tuan Fathihi Hakimi (Co-Founder). Before the establishment of Kimyra International Sdn Bhd, the company was known as Kimyra Style Ventures where the name 'Kimyra' itself was inspired by the two main founder names.

In the early days of the establishment, Kimyra had run a business with the sale of clothing from home. Today, Kimyra is Malaysia's Best Premium Jersey Muslimah distributor with over 900 Agents and dropships throughout the peninsula, including Sabah and Sarawak.

Based on the concept of 'We are committed to covering your aurah', Kimyra attaches great importance to the provision of shariah-compliant sportswear with a 'rare' design that is an option for all ages.

In line with the overwhelming demand from customers, Kimyra is now increasing the efficiency of its business operations by relocating to Bandar Teknologi Kajang, Selangor and moving with the production division under one roof.

After 3 years of establishment, restructuring has been enacted where Kimyra today is not only actively providing sportswear, but the company's organization is actively growing in the design & fashion industry.

We will be the first one that provide TRULY MODEST LIFESTYLE WEAR to the world."