Kimyra muslimah modest sportswear

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✅ Breathable Flexicool material, ensures temperature is not trapped.
✅ Lightweight & sweat is easy to dry ensuring that you are comfortable & undisturbed while active.
✅ Can be stretched allowing you to be active at the highest level.
✅ Thumbholes ensure a better seal for your hand
✅ Suitable for swimming (swimwear), cycling, hiking

Kimyra KimActive Pro - Modest women sportwear specially created for women & modern muslimah to stay beautiful even in active, sports or casual setting.

Suitable for women: For Active activity | Travel | Swimming
Pre-Order period: 14-21 working days. 
Donning Kimtuniq SE to the kickboxing class 👍 Best sangat material.
— Rosa Black, Saiz L
Selesa sangat untuk berjalan-jalan dan buat activity diluar bersama family 😍
— Rosa Black, saiz L