Who is #KimySquad?

#KimySquad is an actively driven and ambitious woman, always seeking new challenges and pushing herself to excel in her profession. Nature's serenity helps her find inner peace and remain grounded amidst the busyness of life.

Are you one of the KimySquad?

Our team isn't just about modest activewear. We're on a journey of self-improvement and making positive contributions to society.

tolong mangsa banjir
peertolongan banjir

More Activities to come soon!✨

These are some of the activities that we have done with KimySquad

We gather people with the same passion in the Facebook group "Healing ke Mana hari ini👀". You can freely share your stories, your holiday, your trip, your wins, and losses with you, and make you feel part of our tribe! You can join our specially organized program for group members later on!

We will create a community that empower each other, while bring the positive contribution to the society.