Kimtuniq SE Bliss Sport Hijab Instant

RM 69.00


Kimtuniq SE Bliss Sports Hijab Instant is designed for women to look modest and comfortable during active activity. It is made of quick dry fabric, breathable that ensures fast cooling in humid conditions.

The Kimtuniq SE Sports Hijab Instant is also suitable for various types of body sizes, it will cover you perfectly. Your face also will look beautiful with our well-crafted awning.

Our Kimtuniq SE Sports Hijab Instant cutting enables you to style the hijab according to your preferences such as Lilit-style, Ustazah-style, Butterfly-style, and many more. Feel flexible to use it with style!

Pre-Order period: 14-21 working days. 

Contact 60196961634 for available readystock!