Kimtuniq SE Bliss Couple Set - Fossil Black - Modest Jersey sportwear

RM 260.00 RM 317.00

Woman Size
Men Size

Kimyra Kimtuniq SE couple set is the couple pairing of the latest muslimah jersey revolution with its simple yet attractive colours that speaks character of a wearer - unlike the usual muslimah jersey in the market. It’s not just for sports, but more than that; Perfect for casual events, for sightseeing, to enjoy your shopping time in the mall, and more!

✅ Breathable Microfibre Premium material, ensures temperature is not trapped.
✅ Lightweight & sweat is easy to dry ensuring that you are comfortable & undisturbed while active.
✅ Can be stretched allowing you to be active at the highest level.

✅ Thumbholes ensure a better seal for your hand

✅ Mandarin Collar and Zip

✅ Suitable for swimming (swimwear), cycling, hiking

Kimyra Kimtuniq SE - Specially created for women & modern muslimah to stay beautiful even in active, sports or casual setting.

Pre-Order period: 14-21 working days. 

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