Kimtee Shirt Marquina - Metal Grey - Men sportwear

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Kimyra Kimtee Shirt Marquina is the couple pairing of the latest muslimah jersey revolution, Kimactive Marquina with a marbled design twist based on the Kimactive collection - unlike the usual men jersey in the market. It’s not just for sports, but more than that; Perfect for casual events, for sightseeing, to enjoy your shopping time in the mall, and more!

✅ Breathable Microfibre Premium material, ensures temperature is not trapped.
✅ Lightweight & sweat is easy to dry ensuring that you are comfortable & undisturbed while active.
✅ Can be stretched allowing you to be active at the highest level.

✅ Mandarin Collar and Zip
✅ Suitable for swimming (swimwear), cycling, hiking

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