Kimbreaker Women - Steady Pace - Muslimah Modest Windbreaker

RM 159.00 RM 189.00

Size Baju

Limited edition in honour of Independence day!

Kimyra Kimbreaker - Steady Pace modest windbreaker for women - Soft, waterproof, and suitable for any outdoor activities. 
✅ Soft and easy to use for activities
✅ Waterproof, protect you from rain
✅ Adjustable waist size, just tighten the rope. Easy!

 Side pocket to keep your personal belonging during activities

✅ More confident in your activity as Kimbreaker covering your aurah

✅ This new edition of Kimbreaker is paired with a men version of windbreaker. This time around, you can wear our Kimbreaker with your significant other, making unforgettable memories with each other.

Size: Free Size ( S, M, L) , Plus Size ( XL, 2XL, 3XL)

Go limitless with Kimbreaker - Steady Pace!