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(Kimkaftan + Kimkaftan Palazzo + FREE GIFT!)

Kimkaftan is what you need. It is simple and elegant yet the design itself will enhance your beauty during Eid. Every details are specially designed for the wearer.

To make it perfect, we match it with a matching Kimkaftan Palazzo (Slide left). Pockets are included and could fit every women's necessities such as small wallet, car keys and smart phones.

Comfortable All day long

Light and cooling - Premium Como Crepe is perfectly perfect for you to wear all day long. It also gives you the exclusive feeling while OOTD-ing. Beraya and munching kuih raya for the whole day? Why not!


The idea of Kimkaftan is so that everyone can wear it. No matter what size you are, we believe that everyone can be pretty on Eid. Fit, slim or even for a pregnant mommy. Breastfeed now made easier with this outfit.

Dont worry, our model here is in her pregnancy too! We got you ;)

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