Elevating Modesty: The Kimyra Narrative

In 2018, a journey of passion and purpose began, giving birth to Kimyra International Sdn Bhd, affectionately known as Kimyra. Founded by a dynamic couple, our story is one etched with dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to crafting a legacy that resonates.

Our evolution stems from the roots of Kimyra Style Ventures, where the very name 'Kimyra' was conjured from the fusion of our founders' identities. It stands as a living testament to the bond that fuels our mission, a commitment to redefine the narrative of modest sportswear.

From the modest confines of our early days to the global stage, Kimyra has ascended as a beacon of excellence in the world of activewear. We take pride in being counted among the foremost names in the realm of modest sportswear, a brand that transcends borders and resonates with diverse souls from Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore.

Our foundation is rooted in the tenet, 'We are committed to covering your aurah.' This core philosophy isn't just a statement; it's our compass. Every design, every stitch is an embodiment of this commitment, a promise that safety, modesty, and style coexist seamlessly.

The pulse of our journey echoes the rhythm of demand and dreams. In response to the unwavering support of our patrons, we're embarking on a new chapter, relocating to Bandar Teknologi Kajang, Selangor. Here, design and production unite under one roof, breathing life into our mission and infusing every piece with care, creativity, and efficiency.

Our transformation isn't confined to sportswear; it has seeped into the very essence of our being. As we foray into the design and fashion realm, we stand as a testament to innovation, embracing the tapestry of growth with every thread and fabric.

Kimyra is more than a brand; it's an embodiment of aspirations. Our spectrum encompasses sportswear, muslimah swimming suits, windbreakers, and gymwear, each piece interwoven with the spirit of empowerment. With each collection, we redefine modest fashion, presenting an array of options that align with values, beliefs, and a passion for excellence.

As we navigate the world of fashion, we're steadfast in our declaration: "We will be the first to provide TRULY MODEST LIFESTYLE WEAR to the world." This isn't just a proclamation; it's a commitment etched in every design, a pledge that resonates with each empowered individual who dons Kimyra.

Welcome to Kimyra - a realm where fashion doesn't just clothe; it empowers. With every stitch, we embark on a journey that celebrates elegance, modesty, and the pursuit of dreams. Join us as we redefine not just clothing, but narratives, one thread at a time.