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Welcome to Kimyra, your ultimate destination for modest workout clothes, gym wear, and activewear that seamlessly blend fashion, function, and versatility. Our brand is dedicated to empowering women who seek to embrace their modesty while leading an active lifestyle.

Modesty should never be a barrier to enjoying your favorite physical activities, be it at the gym, swimming, or cycling. That's why we at Kimyra have crafted a stunning collection that caters specifically to the needs of modest women on the move.

Our modest workout clothes are thoughtfully designed to offer maximum coverage without compromising on style. Whether you're hitting the treadmill, practicing yoga, or engaging in strength training, our activewear ensures you feel confident, comfortable, and free to focus on your fitness journey.

When it comes to swimming, our collection truly stands out. Kimyra's swimwear combines elegance and practicality, allowing you to enjoy the water with full confidence in modest yet flattering designs. Our swimwear is created with high-quality, quick-drying materials, ensuring a seamless transition from the pool to your favorite post-swim activities.

For cycling enthusiasts, we have curated pieces that prioritize both functionality and modesty. From moisture-wicking fabrics to innovative designs that ensure coverage during the most dynamic rides, our cycling activewear has you covered—literally.

At Kimyra, we understand that every woman is unique, and that's why our collection offers a diverse range of styles, colors, and sizes. Whether you prefer loose-fitting apparel or form-fitting silhouettes, we have something for everyone.

With our modest gym clothes, swimwear, and activewear, you'll feel empowered to pursue your fitness goals without compromising on your personal values. Join the Kimyra movement and experience the perfect fusion of modesty and athleticism.

Explore our collection now and discover the perfect outfit that elevates your workout experience. Embrace modesty, embrace confidence with Kimyra.


✔ It can help reduce distractions and discomfort.
✔ Allows the wearer to feel comfortable and confident during physical activity.
✔ Allow the wearer to fully focus on their performance.
✔ Cover up the wearer to the personal or religious modesty standards, which can be particularly important for some women.


✔ Made from high-quality, moisture-wicking materials to ensure comfort and performance during physical activity.

✔ Stretchy fabric, and ventilation elements to enhance performance and safety.

Overall, Kimyra Modest Sportswear is a practical and comfortable option for anyone looking for coverage and support during physical activity. It allows you to feel confident and comfortable, and helps you to fully focus on their performance without any distractions or limitations.

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