Join us in celebrating Pinktober Month with Kimyra Pinktober Shirts! ūüéÄ

Introducing Kimyra Kimactive Pinktober, the latest revolution in muslimah jerseys. This collection showcases a simple yet attractive pink color that speaks volumes about the wearer's character and perfectly aligns with Pinktober Month to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Unlike the usual muslimah jerseys in the market, Kimyra Kimactive Pinktober shirts stands out with its unique charm and purpose.

Designed with versatility in mind, these jerseys are not just limited to sports. They are the perfect choice for various occasions - from casual events and sightseeing to shopping in the mall and much more! Embrace a sense of style and compassion while spreading breast cancer awareness with Kimyra Kimactive Pinktober.

‚úÖ The Breathable Flexicool material ensures optimal airflow, preventing heat from being trapped and keeping you cool and comfortable.
‚úÖ Lightweight and quick-drying, these jerseys make sure you stay undisturbed and at ease during your active pursuits.
‚úÖ With excellent stretchability, Kimyra Kimactive Pinktober allows you to unleash your full potential during any physical activity.
‚úÖ Thumbholes provide a better seal for your hands, adding extra convenience and comfort.
‚úÖ Suitable for various activities, including swimming (as swimwear), cycling, hiking, and more!

Kimyra Kimactive is specially crafted for modern women and muslimahs who embrace an active lifestyle. We believe that you can stay beautiful and confident no matter the setting - be it in sports, during a casual outing, or any other endeavor.

Embrace the spirit of Pinktober with Kimyra Pinktober and show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness in style. The Kimyra Kimactive Pinktober collection is a symbol of empowerment and compassion that goes beyond just sportswear - it's a statement of unity and strength.

Shipment period: 14-21 working days.

Join us in promoting Breast Cancer Awareness while expressing your style with Kimyra Kimactive Pinktober. Embrace the essence of modest women sportswear and make a meaningful impact this Pinktober Month! ūüéÄ